Basic rules for females who want to entangle men

By Serge Kreutz

We do not mean that women have to possess these characteristics. Nevertheless, they have to project them. If they do not possess them, then at least they have to be skillful liars.

One important characteristic high-quality males will look for in women is sexual freshness.

What often amazes us are young women with no or very limited sexual experience, who project an image as if they were sexually experienced. They may do this through sexy clothing or, even worse, vulgar language.

While they may provoke a sexual male reaction through these attributes, they are counterproductive if a woman follows a strategy for capturing a high-quality male for a long-term relationship.

Obviously, a youthful appearance does send a sexual freshness message. But correct dressing and behavior can easily compensate for being 10 or more years older.

While even stupid women avoid bragging with the number of men they have been to bed with, they nevertheless often do brag with other aspects of being modern.

Just like men who want to impress, they frankly tell to how many places they have been (the more the better), or what achievements in social life they managed (know this place, know that place).

For a strategy of capturing a high-quality man for a long-term relationship (preferably a formal marriage), this is simply unnecessary. The more general experience in the modern world a woman relates, the more sexual experience a man will assume.

Stayed in Paris for two month last year? A man will assume that she had a boyfriend there (negative impact on her ranking).

Knows some famous musicians or artists? Aha, a groupie (negative impact on her ranking).

Because it send signals associated with sexual freshness, a young woman will have better prospects of getting married if she just says: never traveled anywhere, lived with my parents most of the time, concentrated on my studies.

Downplaying her experience may make her appear ordinary. She may seem nothing special. And the social environment may not be aware of the positive signals she is sending to a high-quality male (if one is around). But her chances that a relationship with a high-quality male becomes a long-term one, and leads to a marriage, are much better than the chances of a young woman who signals that she has plentiful sexual experience.