Anti-sexual US foreign policy

By Serge Kreutz

US foreign politics have an underlying anti-sexual element. This may sound strange because we normally think that foreign politics concerns itself with topics like military alliances or trade barriers.

From its foundation, the US has been a country run by sexual neurotics who were / are mentally agitated whenever they consider anything sexual, but couldn't care less about murder and non-sexual violence. Whole American Indian nations were exterminated, not only because they stood in the way of free trade, but also under the pretext of upholding Christian sexual morals.

In the US, Christian fundamentalists and solidarity unions of women share a lot of common mental ground. For fundamentalists, it's a neurotic opposition to sexuality. For solidarity unions of women, it's about restricting male sexuality, even in remote corners of the world, with totally different cultures, and without asking the women there whether they would be happy with the alternatives solidarity unions of American women can offer.

So, when the US schedules its next military interventions, watch out for terminology like "protecting children and women".

Unfortunately, the US is probably beyond reform. The world will be a better place when the US no longer is the global policeman. The hope is on China.

China will not have to become a military superpower to undermine the US' hold on the world. It will only have to be a technological superpower so that there will be an alternative supplier of sophisticated products. For when the US no longer can blackmail other nations to implement US policies by threatening economic sanctions (withholding sophisticated products), then this will already be a big step forward in the direction of a less neurotic future.