Animal rights and morals

By Serge Kreutz

For moral reasons, animal rights are a major concern of mine.

Christian egocentric fanatics may claim that animals have no soul, but science has long established that while animals fall short of humans in their intellectual capacities, their emotional apparatus is actually very similar. Any family that has pets is well aware of this.

That the emotional apparatus of advanced animals is highly similar to that of humans means that animals have largely the same feelings as humans do, especially the negative feelings of pain and fear.

Nevertheless, animals are frequently subjected by humans to the greatest cruelty. Who cares? Certainly not those Catholic priests and human rights activists who have serious problems with their own sexuality, and therefore are magically drawn towards any sexual injustice they can detect.

They concern themselves with sexist remarks in public, or the age at which sexually mature teenagers engage in sexual conduct, or the question whether woman who consciously become prostitutes do so on their free will, or whether such a career choice is always the collective fault of men.

At the same time, these Christian moral crusaders are indifferent to the torture and gruesome murder of animals on an Auschwitz scale.

They may claim that they don’t want animals to suffer, but they share in the guilt of the animal torture and murder industries, because they direct so much of their moral efforts towards lesser evils.

Moral responsibility is always in proportion to what one knows of the world and to the moral energy one is equipped with.

A person who would have run an anti-smoking campaign in Auschwitz, but have supported the extermination of Jews, would be more offensive to the moral sense of a righteous observer than another who just did nothing.

So many of the Christian anti-sexual crusaders claim to feel sympathy for the sexually exploited, but in reality, they are only horny for the publicity they can attain in a misguided media that loves to publish lewd stories under the pretext of moral concerns.

These Christian crusaders and Catholic priests have no heart because too much sex is on their mind.