Amineptine reported to cause powerful orgasms

By Serge Kreutz

The anti-depressant amineptine (brand name: Survector) has repeatedly been reported to alleviate erectile dysfunction and to make orgasms more powerful.

In a 1999 scientific study titled “Sexual dysfunction with antidepressive agents. Effect of the change to amineptine in patients with sexual dysfunction secondary to SSRI”, Angel Luis Montejo (angelluis.montejo@globalmed.es) came to the following conclusion: “Amineptine was shown to be an effective antidepressant in the patients studied, and did not cause secondary sexual dysfunction, and even improved the dysfunction that was present in some patients. In those patients previously treated with SSRI’s, amineptine is able to significantly improve the sexual dysfunction and yet maintain the efficacy of the antidepressive treatment used before these 6 months.”

And Robert Mason Ph.D. reported on smart-drugs.net:

“Amineptine was a drug unique in that it was a dopamine reuptake inhibitor and was proving very popular as an antidepressant, (as a quick review of any of the internet chat-groups will reveal). Unfortunately, it appeared that amineptine helped aid orgasm and as such was considered by the authorities to be a “drug of abuse and potentially addictive”. Many drugs that “interfere” with dopamine have been shown to improve libido, particularly for men (for example deprenyl, L-dopa, and GHB). But perhaps amineptine was even stronger. As a result, it is my understanding that the FDA pressured the foreign manufacturer to remove the drug from the market.”

I also encountered the following newsgroup posting

“statusk@aol.com (status quo) wrote in message news:<1b4c530a.0111220739.372b0cc1@posting.google.com>…

“I wish we could still buy amineptine. It would have been a godsend to us, because it increases libido (via dopamine). SSRIs screw up your ability to have sex, and ejaculate, so I wouldn’t go near them with a bargepole.”

I was able to purchase the drug, and I have run a series of test on myself.

I didn’t have an immediate opportunity to test the amineptine. But when I did, I was quite disappointed.

On a 50 mg dose, I felt about as much as I would feel from a cup of coffee. When I tried a 100 mg dose, I felt the kind of agitation caused (in me) by practically all anti-depression medications, be it trazadone, buspirone, or even St. John’s wort.

OK, amineptine is probably a bit more amphetamine-like. I find that, for example, it suppresses appetite.

I have never tried a huge overdose of amineptine. But even at 100 mg, I find it counterproductive for erections. They just wouldn’t happen on amineptine alone.

I tried it in combination with up to 50 mg of sildenafil citrate. That works, no doubt.

Oh yeah, amineptine was supposed to help orgasms. BS by my judgment. Amphetamine is effective in the treatment of premature ejaculation, and amineptine should work in the same manner. No facilitation of orgasm; rather a delay.

I have spent considerable effort procuring the amineptine, and I did have anticipations, but it’s all hype.