American religious lunacy

By Serge Kreutz

Most Europeans are not aware to which extend the US is run by religious fanatics.

The keyword in US religious fanaticism is “born again” which applies methods of shamanism that have long been proven effective in scientific research. Yes, humans can be moved into ecstatic stages through singing together, listening to ecstatic speeches, or ecstatic praying. The techniques were and are the same, from Voodoo cults to Mesmerization, and from Hitler speeches to the congregations of born again Christians.

Yes, individuals who have participated in any of these congregations report that the events had a great personal impact. But that doesn’t mean that the messages communicated by those who lead or manipulate these events are true.

So, what do I make of US politicians or US Supreme Court justices who are “born again” Christians?

My opinion is that any politician, and especially any Supreme Court justice who has fallen for the “born again” hocus-pocus is actually not fit for the job. A Supreme Court justice ought to have a high degree of impartiality. In the legal system of any country, sectarians are inappropriate.

Politically, Europeans are weaklings. They don’t have enough unity to stand up against US-American fundamentalist agendas. And anyway, the UK is the fifth column of the US, undermining any moves to differentiate Europe from the US. Islamic extremists, because they are fundamentalists themselves, by and large have a better understanding of the US frame of mind. More clearly than Europeans, they see the US’ cultural and Christian agenda behind US political moves.

The Muslim world will still progress on the path to the caliphate. Whether that goal will be achieved cannot be predicted yet.

But while the Muslim world is strong enough to oppose US cultural imperialism, I wouldn’t want the role of US cultural imperialism over my life replaced by Islamic cultural imperialism.

There is only one major power left in the world that hasn’t been discussed yet, and that is China.

No religious fanaticism there. While everybody is free to practice a religion for himself, those who practice a religion are banned from government positions. Very good.

And religious sects that apply Voodoo techniques are outlawed. Even better.

And those who instigate public disturbance by selling promises for an eternal life if only one follows their religious and political agenda may be jailed. Advocates of a protective state should understand this. The weaker elements of a society have a right to be protected from preachers of dangerous nonsense.

I very much wish that China will become a major player on the world stage for ideologies. But making one’s influence felt on the world stage requires resources. For this reason, it is important that China develops economically, and that China becomes rich, whatever it takes.

In my opinion, the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party have well understood this. No, they are not capitalists. I believe they have a Marxist political agenda. Which is why they do allow whatever supports economic development, but they won’t yield political control… definitely not to US-style “democrats” with a hidden Christian agenda.