A lesbian girlfriend

By Serge Kreutz

I never had a bisexual girlfriend but have always been intrigued by the constellation. I have once known a foreigner married to a Filipina whom he identified as lesbian. He divorced her, what I thought was a stupid thing to do.

I think that for any woman, to have an intriguing personality is an immense plus.I could find myself for hours every day, imagining what goes on in the head of a woman I love. It keeps me focused on her. And I could not imagine anything more intriguing than the woman I love being in love with another woman (and sharing her with me).

I have been contemplating this constellation before.

I imagine that a female bisexual orientation would suit a man with a high sexual market value because it would be least likely to conflict with such a man’s desire for sexual relationships with a variety of women.

Under normal circumstances, with only straight women involved, a man with a high sexual market value will perceive a girl or woman not just as an object of desire, but also as a potential enemy.

Once he has initiated a sexual relationship, and independently of how much he enjoys their relationship, and independently even of how much he loves her, and of how long the relationship persists, a man with a high sexual market value will usually be aware of the fact that the straight female will want to monopolize him, and may turn amazingly aggressive once she becomes aware of the fact that her man pursues sexual relationships with other women.

However, if the female who is a sexual partner of such a man with a high sexual market value has a bisexual orientation, even slightly preferring female sexual partners over male sexual partners, this conflict is elegantly avoided.

In such a setting, the male’s promiscuous orientation can be a conduit for the female partner to gain herself access to females who would otherwise be beyond reach.

In such a setting, the male and his bisexual female partner can become more than just lovers. They can become genuine friends and partners, because they have the same interests. In all other settings, even marriages, men and women do not have the same interests as each wants to monopolize the other, while claiming liberties for himself (or herself).

I assume that few women of a bisexual orientation, especially in traditional Asian societies, are aware of the fact that their sexual orientation is a great asset when it comes towards finding a husband of exceptional quality (both intellectually and with respect to wealth).

Of course, most men in traditional societies lack the intellectual horizon to see the sexual orientation of bisexual women as an asset. They may think that such an orientation is abnormal, or that it is immoral, when in fact, it is the finest possible character a woman can have.