Why immigrants in Europe have all reason to resist integration and assimilation

By Serge Kreutz

Throughout Europe, governments make efforts to integrate Muslim migrants from Asia and Africa into Western society.

Sexual economics predict a low success rate.

In Europe, Muslim migrant males have a low sexual market value. Few native European women are in favor. First generation migrants may not sense this fully because of language barriers and being rooted in the culture of origin.

Second generation male migrants feel it fully. This is why radical-looser violence is typical for second generation migrants.

Apart from second generation male migrants, how does migration from Africa and Asia affect the sexual economics of other strata of society?

Young females of migrant families should be in favor of integration. Western societies give them a better sexual market value. But Muslim migrant families are likely to oppose the Westernization of their daughters, out of solidarity with the daughters’ brothers.

Western women do not benefit from the migration of large numbers of Muslims. Western culture affords women a better position than Middle-Eastern and North African Muslim culture. For Western European women, a parallel Muslim culture within Western Europe is an unwelcome showcase on how other working cultures give women a lower position.

Men in Western countries actually benefit from Muslim migration because the presence of Muslim culture enhances the desirability of native Western men.

Muslim migration undermines feminism, so men who feel short-changed by feminism should be in support of Muslim migration. Ironically, men benefit all the more from Muslim migration if they profess contempt for Islam.

Because practically all cultures outside Western Europe give men a better position, supporting cultural diversity is intrinsically advantageous for Western men.

To preserve cultural diversity, African and Asian immigrants should resist integration into European societies. A Muslim sub-culture at least give Muslim males a high sexual market value within this sub-culture, largely immune from inversion by native Western European men.

The obvious Muslim male strategy is to live in rich Western countries according to their cultural and legal traditions. No, definitely going home to the countries of their origin, is not a sensible option.

Muslim males may feel that they have an important role to play in Western societies, which is to undermine detestable Western culture.

Their presence in Europe keeps cultural imperialists busy at home. Thereby they contribute to the preservation of indigenous cultures in the region of their origin.

Confronting cultural imperialists within their home countries is much easier, and less dangerous, than in Asia or Africa.

In Europe, cultural imperialists have to play by their own, hypocritical, rules. Muslim migrants can use their courts of law, and, if they acquired European citizenship, even the ballot box, to defend their own culture.

The subversive strategy should include to have many children who are raised in accordance with their traditional culture.

For demography is destiny.