Why Bin Laden has an endless supply of suicide bombers

By Serge Kreutz

Modern American Christians believe that if they are good Christians, then Jesus Christ will help them with all everyday problems. Thanks to Jesus Christ, they can solve their drinking problem. If they have faith in Jesus, they will be successful in business. Jesus Christ will also help them to stay in control of their wives and children (“a family that prays together, stays together”).

For American Christian fundamentalists, Jesus Christ is a very practical solution, an all-round craftsman whom to engage for absolutely every problem.

Fundamentalist Islam is different. Just as early Christians did, fundamentalist Muslims strongly believe that it’s not the current, earthly life that counts. The good life comes after we have died, especially for those who have died as martyrs in the fight against the enemies of Islam.

At the moment they die, for example in a suicide blast, they will enter paradise. And the hallmark of the Islamic paradise is that a man will enjoy an endless stream of beautiful virgins to play with at his heart’s desire.

No wonder that with such a belief, young men in the prime of their procreative capabilities queue up to become suicide bombers. If their beliefs are strong enough, they’ll pull the trigger with a joyful heart. Nothing to be afraid about. Now starts the orgy they have been longing for.

The US policies of the new millennium wrongly assume that allowing Muslims to set up Islamic societies will calm down extremism. But the more pious an Islamic society, and the more sexual access is restricted, the greater the number of young men who will be eager to sacrifice their earthly lives in order to enjoy the promiscuous paradise promised in the Islamic scriptures to all Muslim martyrs. Remember that most of the 9/11 terrorists came from a strict Islamic country, Saudi Arabia, while there were none from a liberal Islamic country, such as Turkey or Indonesia.

The solution to Islamic terror is not religious tolerance, but to educate the world that essentially, all religions are a form of deceit to deprive them of a good earthly life.