The older you are, the more you benefit from marijuana

By Serge Kreutz

Marijuana enhances perception to produce dream-like mental states. Not only just that. Overwhelmingly, it helps produce sweet dreams.

Dreams draw on memories. It is well known, not only by older people personally, but also from scientific research, that memories play an ever greater role in the emotional well-being of older people.

Actually, under the influence of marijuana, older people can relive the best episodes of their lives vividly, very vividly. Because marijuana alters time perception, relived memories are experienced like reality.

And not only this. Especially for older users, marijuana has an enormous potential as aphrodisiac. Erotic daydreaming, paired with enhanced experience of touch, brings back a degree of sexual excitement that was long considered lost, even with a partner of decades.

Stupid societies that do not allow their elderly citizens the joy of reliving their lives as vividly as only they can on cannabis. Stupid societies that curtail the sexual experience of an older generation. Stupid people that do not vote at elections for candidates that favor legalizing marijuana for recreational use for adult users, or medicinal use for anybody above 55.