Kreutz Metaphysics

By Serge Kreutz

Kreutz Metaphysics is a sequence to Kreutz Ideology for those inclined to a more metaphysical approach to life.

Kreutz Metaphysics assumes that the human existence produces karma. Karma is a spiritual quality, as is the idea of a soul, but the two are not the same.

A soul is something breathed into a human by a god, and it leaves a body when a person dies.

Karma, on the other hand, is a more malleable quantity, something that depends on a person’s deeds, and which can change from day to day.

The world is full with products with characteristics that go beyond what physics can measure. Radio waves, for example, have characteristics for which physics have no appropriate scale of measurement. Physics can measure frequencies and wave lengths, just as it can measure the intensity and variations of human speech.

But there are boundaries to the explanations that physics can offer. Physics has a hard time to qualify the meaning of language, or the impact radio waves can have for the information they carry.

It’s banalism to deny that the human existence, or the human body, or language, produces something that goes far beyond that what physics can measure, and which is defined as metaphysics.

Now, metaphysical products of human life clearly persist beyond the time span of a person’s existence, and it’s not just that the ashes of a physical process transfer minerals to other processes.

The impact of human products encoded as language (or in more general terms: as meaning) on human generations far in the future is hard to measure with the instruments of physics, to say the least.

However, the above reasoning is just an example to sensitize readers for the idea that metaphysics are real.

Language is a crucial element of religions. All major religions propagate on power that is encoded as texts. But Kreutz Metaphysics, and traditional religions, go beyond the Word.

Like some traditional religions, Kreutz Metaphysics states that the human existence produces karma, an entity that origins in the physical existence of a person, and separates itself from the body to be something else, with physical attributes that physics at this time cannot measure or capture.

A cross relationship with ideas elaborated by German philosophy, as well as multiverse theories, is assumed and will be elaborated.