Female sexuality in short supply

By Serge Kreutz

In modern Western societies, a large number of men can or could quite easily adapt to a highly promiscuous lifestyle. A natural limitation lies in the number of available females. A large number of females may not qualify for lack of attractiveness. Furthermore, men who cannot compete well for a multitude of partners will exhibit tendencies to bind attractive females in long-term relationships, thus reducing supply. And last not least, a large number of women have a definite interest in binding reasonably good men in long-term relationships before their, the females’, attractiveness declines further, and their chances become fewer. All of this results in efforts, including legal, to restrict sexual choices for men of comparatively high market value. Philanderers are not welcome. Women compete for quality men, and once a quality man is captured, it is very important for women that he is not lost. All kinds of machinations that function to this effect are viable strategies.