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Why you should not believe eBay feedback

eBay is a valid trade platform for items, of which the buyer can check the quality.

Second-hand bicycles. New leather boots. 1910 editions of certain books. Antique typewriters.

There isn’t much danger of fakes circulating on the above-listed items.

But tongkat ali from suspicious sources? A buyer cannot determine what is in the purchase, and what is not.

I understand that many regular eBay buyers look at the transaction feedback. But this is highly misleading. Because those who forge tongkat ali extract and sell it on eBay will also manipulate feedback.

This is how it’s done:

1. Create a ring of eBay accounts. This can be done either by one person directly setting up several accounts, or as a circle of different traders.

2. Include a number of cheapish items, such as sunglasses or fashion jewelry.

3. Do a number of sale transactions between the various eBay accounts. Let Paypal and eBay collect their minimal commissions.

4. Now the “buyer” has the opportunity to leave “certified feedback”. The “buyer” leaves feedback which is generic, meaning that it is not specific to tongkat ali. Comments can be of the following style: “Excellent eBayer. Great service, fast shipping. Highly recommended.” or “Product as promised, will buy again.”

5. After the feedback was assembled, the scammer will take out the cheapish stuff and change all content offered for sale to their expensive tongkat ali fakes.

The purpose of this strategy is to con potential buyers who will shell out hundreds or thousands of dollar to buy imitation tongkat ali, simply based on manipulated feedback.

I warn against buying tongkat ali from eBay sellers, unless the buyer will clearly indicate the manufacturer, and unless the manufacturer confirms that the seller is legitimate.