Tongkat Ali and stearic acid

I write about stearic acid only because it is contained in some tongkat ali supplements, mostly those sold in so-called healthfood stores.

Refined stearic acid is a chemical substance typically derived industrially from low-quality animal fat.

What is low-quality animal fat?

You guessed it. Animal carcasses, fat refuse from factories that produce processed meats (mostly of pork origin).

You can read about stearic acids on the “Chemical of the day” site. To get there, do a Google search on:

Chemical of the day – stearic acid

You can also go to the page directly through this link:


This is not appetizing, is it?

But it gets worse.

Try a Google search on:


list of widely known dangerous ingredients in body & food products – stearic acid

If you are still not yet convinced that you should avoid tongkat ali products from sources that utilize stearic acid to extend shelve life or make their material easier to handle, consider this:

The industrial stearic acid is processed from animal fat. Many of the animals, the carcasses and internal organs of which are used in the stearic acid manufacture, have been exposed to chemical and / or hormonal contamination. A large number of these contaminants are endocrine disruptors in humans.

Contaminants that are endocrine disruptors build up mostly in the fatty tissue of animals (see Wikipedia on endocrine disruptors).

Now remember that industrial stearic acid is manufactured from the fatty tissue of animal that were poisoned, or died of diseases, or the fatty tissue of discarded animal parts.

Consider also that often, the concentration of chemical contaminants is higher in the results of industrial processes than in the raw products used.

Fuck it!

Isn’t it cynical that some manufacturers stretch tongkat ali, a testosterone-raising hormone modulator, with an industrial chemical that can be reasonably suspected to be a hormonal disruptor?