By Serge Kreutz

Many people, male and female, agree with the idea of a comfortable death. Many people, male and female, even agree with the idea that drugs are a viable option in a senseless existence. Such views reflect only on a person itself.

But as soon as sexuality is involved, things get controversial. All opinions, and even all pieces of information, on sexuality are advantageous to some, and disadvantageous to others. Everybody easily subscribes to advantageous opinions. And if something is not advantageous, it is contested. Not only disadvantageous opinions are contested. Disadvantageous information, too, is contested. Even whole branches of science are contested if they are not advantageous to what a person perceives as its position in the world, including sexual coordinates. Reason does not convince people. But sexual interests do.

The structure of human needs


Engineering optimal sex can roughly be divided into two approaches: engineering optimal sexual relationships, and engineering optimal sexual function. The former is more challenging. The use of pharmacological agents, including sexuality-enhancing herbals like tongkat ali and butea superba, is an integral part of the latter. ENGINEERING OPTIMAL SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS ENGINEERING OPTIMAL SEXUAL FUNCTION