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Introduction to my work

By Serge Kreutz

My work published on this site has been written during several decades. The texts on Kreutz Ideology were not conceptualized as chapters of a book. They are articles of the style columnists write their pieces. Each of the articles is structured as a piece in itself, and each article can be read as a stand-alone opinionated text.

My ideas have evolved, and certainly, there are logical and ideological discrepancies between what I have written just recently and what I have written much earlier.

However, on some important matters, I have never changed my mind since as a teenager, I formed my first own philosophical and political thoughts.

I have never been religious.

I have always considered sexual satisfaction the logical primary value in life: in my own life, the life of other men, and the life of women.

I have never had a high opinion of anti-sexual morals.

I have always considered philosophical materialism, rather than philosophical idealism as the correct view of the world. In this respect (but not in many others), I have always been a Marxist.

In spite of always having been a philosophical materialist, and in spite of having been captivated by Marx’ analysis in the preface of his Critique of Political Economy, I am not, and never was, a socialist or communist. The fact is: I am not, and never was, an illusionist.

Now for those aspects on which I have changed my opinion, sometimes back and forth, over the past few years.

I previously considered myself a nihilist because I could not find any value in any of the standard moral theories (religions, political idealism) and have no interest in the world after my death.

But I never really was a genuine nihilist because I always did believe in one value in life: optimal sexual experience, for me and whoever my female partner, and strictly during our lifetime. I do not care much for the optimal sexual experience of humans after my lifetime. They will have to tackle that problem themselves.

I had some phases in my life (actually not long ago) during which I concerned myself with ideas of how I could participate in a movement aimed at making the world a sexually better place.

But my involvement in attempts to create sexually better societies has ever only consisted of writing articles. I am not drawn towards doing political work because I have a hard time solidarizing with other men.

While I have the same interests as other men, I also perceive them as my competitors (or natural enemies). Thus, I do not have many personal male friends.