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Higher dosage tongkat ali extract

I have recently tried higher dosages of tongkat ali 1:50 extract (still in combination with 50 mg of Pfizer’s Blue), and I am thoroughly impressed.

The dosage I used has been twice a day 2 gram of extract, taken in the morning and in the early afternoon, both times during a meal (as I cannot bear the bitter taste of the tongkat ali without eating a few bites first, and after having swallowed the extract, dissolved in half a cup of lukewarm water).

First, I feel no side effects whatsoever, even from the higher dosages. Initially, tongkat ali extract
caused me a kind of hot-headedness, but this is no longer the case. However, one trial participant
reported that he vomited after he ingested 15 gram (a full sample package) in one go.

In that it doesn’t cause unpleasant side effects, tongkat ali is different from all other herbal and pharmacological aphrodisiacs I tested. Yohimbe has the worst side effect profile, as it causes serious heart palpitations and doesn’t allow me to sleep for at least 20 hours after having ingested it. Another side effect of yohimbe is diarrhea. And I had feedback from people who seriously thought they wouldn’t make it to the next morning.

Dopaminergics are also not free of side effects. At a sufficiently high dosage all of them except cabergoline cause a low-level nausea as well as extreme sleepiness. Also, the pro-sexual effect of dopaminergics wears off pretty fast, unless very large dosages are consumed (e.g. by Parkinson’s patients).

The tongkat ali, on the other hand, seems to become better and better the longer I use it.

The following are my observations on large dosages.

Unless I am in a sexual situation, I don’t actually feel much. I’m probably a little bit energized, as after having two or three cups of tea. But that’s about it.

When, after having used rather large dosages over two or three days, I have intercourse, I am extraordinarily focused. I can easily go on for 20 minutes, and nothing, really nothing can disturb my attention.

Now, don’t laugh: When in a tongkat ali cycle, I can receive and answer a telephone call during intercourse, and lose neither my (Pfizer’s Blue-aided, 50 mg) erection, nor my mental focus on the sexual activity I am engaging in.

This is in stark contrast to what happens on Pfizer’s Blue alone. On Pfizer’s Blue alone, I can produce an erection upon physical manipulation of the erectile organ. But that doesn’t mean that I would be focused on intercourse. If a telephone call disturbs Pfizer’s Blue-only intercourse, I certainly won’t continue. Actually, it has happened to me more than once that on Pfizer’s Blue only, I just stopped in the middle of intercourse without having reached an orgasm, simply because I was totally uninterested in achieving one. And that was without the phone ringing.

Now, that’s pretty bad. It’s definitely worse than an orgasm without an erection.

Yes, tongkat ali keeps my eyes totally on the road to an orgasm, no matter what happens around me. I best compare this sexual focus with the focus on hearing music after having smoked marijuana. When hearing music on marijuana, I can identify every musical instrument in a compound sound. And I can enjoy the music even if there is disturbing, unrelated noise around me.

With tongkat ali extract at sufficiently high dosages over several days (4 grams of extract per day), I can receive and answer a phone call without stopping rhythmic penetration (and enjoy it just the same).


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