The world’s number one marijuana song

By Serge Kreutz

That must be Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World.

Anyway, he was a life-long stoner.

And just look at those lyrics.

I see skies in blue, and clouds in white….

And I think by myself, What a wonderful world.

That is how marijuana feels (for those who have no experience yet).

You look at the sky, and it’s blue, and the whiteness of some clouds, and you think by yourself it’s a wonderful world.

No way that other than high or stoned, one could appreciate beauty in such everyday occurrences as blue skies and white clouds.

Even the I Think by Myself phrase is marijuana-typical, because for most, being stoned is of an introverted nature. Most people talk less, not more, and language capabilities are reduced. More thoughts are non-verbal. So, you think by yourself. And irrelevant events can just seem wonderful.