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Butea superba and sexual confidence

Sexual confidence is something that young men experience, and women and older men often are lacking. It's a sense of certainty that sexual conduct, whatever its expression, will lead to a satisfying orgasm.

Too much sexual confidence in men, of course, can be a social problem. In Papua New Guinea, where the fraternisation of young men has the highest level of occurrence, gangs of male friends do line-ups. They subject a willing or unwilling female to a group of men who stand in a queue and then, one two three, fuck the same vagina one after the other, in public, and without measures of personal hygiene in between doers. One two three ejaculate, you're a real man, no orgasmic dysfunction, and witnesses to testify to it.

It's unromantic, and unappetizing, with performance pressure and time pressure.

It's also not unique to Papua New Guinea.

In the German and Japanese military, every army brigade had its brothel unit. Actually, they had two brothel units, one for common soldiers, one for officers only, each staffed with about 5 women.

Soldiers, of course, are used to the comrade lifestyle. Military camps didn't have toilets. There just were holes in the ground, with some horizontal fixtures to sit on, where soldiers sat next to each other, shitting. No water, no toilet paper.

But performance pressure and time pressure, with comrades standing in line to discharge their excrements.

5 am wake up
5:30 to 6:00 eat
6:00 to 6:30 shit
6:30 to 6:45 flag ceremony

On Sundays, 17:00 to 21:00, fuck, 3 minutes per ordinary soldier, 10 minutes for officers. Non-participants were suspected of homosexuality.

Yeah, from a modern perspective, we know that not every life is worth living.

But sexual confidence is a topic, too, in a more civilized context.

As a man, in a genuine love relationship, and the woman beautiful...​ but you aren't sure whether you can get it up, and keep it up. A lack of sexual confidence aggravating orgasmic uncertainty, and erectile and orgasmic dysfunction.

Males typically experience such events only at an age beyond 30. But for females, sexual uncertainty is standard issue. Traditionally, female orgasms were a big exception, and throughout history, most females never had orgasms, as sexual practices (penetration only) were not conducive anyway. Venereal diseases were also widespread.

Let's appreciate sexual confidence. How exquisite is sexual conduct if you know for sure that there will be steady arousal up to the point of orgasmic release. No doubt, not for him, not for her. Life can be so good.

If only it always were like that.

But sexual confidence is not primarily a matter of perception, and certainly not of age. It's a matter of optimal sexual health, a matter of biochemistry.

And that is where we have a window of opportunity. Because sexual health largely is depends on appropriate hormonal balances, and hormonal balances can be modulated, quite easily actually.

And the same goes for erections.

Butea superba, a Thai herbal, is unique in that it is both, a hormonal agent enhancing testosterone, and a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, facilitating and prolonging erections by hindering the breakdown of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP).

Why it does have this double mode of action hasn't been properly researched. But it may well be that the erectile effect is just an offshoot of the hormonal one. After all, in a natural young state of health, the hormonal control of libido all by itself results in erections when they are appropriate.

Thus, butea superba erections are in stark contrast to, and much better than, the cold erections engineered by direct phosphodiesterase inhibitors like sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil.


Butea superba and sexual meditation

Sexual meditation is one of the most effective life extension strategies discovered in recent years. It is based on the recognition that balanced states of mind have a positive effect on practically every cell in the human body.

What sets sexual meditation apart from standard meditation is the high-energy level of the meditative state. It is achieved by directing the relaxed mind to sexual sceneries.

The more daring the sexual scenery in this meditative state, the higher the level of energy, and the greater the positive effects on health.

The state is meditative. It does not require actual sexual conduct. And in this meditative state, anything is allowed. Rape sceneries or the sexual conduct of children and grandparents, zoophilia or excrement fetishism. The sexual conduct in ancient Rome or of stoneage villages in India. Anything goes, the mind is set free to wander any sexual imagination.

Sexual meditation is best conducted after waking up early in the morning, when the environment is silent. It would be most effective on a lonely mountain campsite in a national park, where there is no disturbance.

Just lie after waking up, and start imagining a sexual scenery. You can start by imagining a person you found attractive when shopping at a supermarket a few days ago. Imagine a scenery where you are left alone by civilization and its restrictions.b

This is a meditative state. Do not masturbate. Just let the imagery pass by, and let it wane after some 30 minutes. The rejuvenating effect of sexual meditation can be felt for several hours. You just feel normal, balanced, and healthy. You have energy to tackle your daily routines, and your future, whatever your age.

Some practitioners claim that the high-energy homeostasis achieved by sexual meditation even can prevent and ameliorate conditions like ry/Homeostasis">homeostasis achieved by sexual meditation even can prevent and cancer or dementia, Alzheimer’s or other.

Your capability to enter sexual meditation in the first place is testosterone-dependent. But once you have routine in sexual meditation, this sexual meditation will elevate testosterone.

If you are not successful in producing sexual imagery, you may want to try some testosterone-boosting herbals like tongkat ali or butea superba to kick-start your fantasy. Butea superba is preferable not only because it is easier to buy a genuine product (the tongkat ali market is full of fakes, mostly originating from Singapore). Butea superba is preferable also because, apart from its testosterone-elevating properties, it is also a natural phosphodiesterase inhibitor, facilitating penile and clitoral erections. Your sexual meditation will feel more natural when accompanied by a strong erection, or a swollen clitoris.


What is the difference between tongkat ali and butea superba?

Both tongkat ali and butea superba are testosterone boosters. They twist the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis to allow higher plasma levels of free testosterone and dihydrotestosterone.

Thus, both herbals are useful in bodybuilding.

But beyond muscle mass, both herbals make men looking more attractive to women.

Numerous studies have shown that men look more attractive to women when they have comparatively high testosterone levels.

Attractiveness isn’t measurable like biceps circumference. But the correlation is clear.

Even women don’t know why they find men with high testosterone more sexy. But they do. It’s as if high testosterone evaporates from every cell of the male body and creates an aura of sexual attractiveness.

Thus, good looks can be enhanced by both tongkat ali and butea superba.

But beyond this and other similarities, butea superba is more penile, or in women, more clitoral.

Butea superba is the world’s only natural phosphodiesterase inhibitor. Mind you, sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil, the active ingredients in prescription drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, are all phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

But the pro-erectile effects of butea superba are more subtle, and because they go along with elevated testosterone, penile and clitoral erections with butea superba are accompanied by heightened sexual desire.

This combination of effects is particularly relevant for female users of butea superba. It helps women to cross the fine line between remaining unsatisfied and achieving orgasm.

Many women have problems achieving orgasm because their clitoral erections are insufficient or collapse.

The course of events goes like this. Women get aroused in foreplay, and the clitoral body gets erected and protrudes from the clitoral hood. In this physiological state, they are primed for orgasm.

But if clitoral stimulation then does not produce an orgasm in a straight consequence, the clitoral erection breaks down due to oversensitivity, and the clitoral glans retreats into the hood.

When this happens, many women no longer can orgasm. Too bad, indeed.

And this is where the butea superba can kick in. Because it inhibits phosphodiesterase, the clitoral erection won’t collapse as easily, and the clitoral glans doesn’t retreat into the hood.

And voila, a woman can have a really fine orgasm, sometimes even from penetration rather than oral sex.

For men, the penile effect of butea superba is slightly different. Sure, butea superba in sufficiently high dosages maintains erections which would otherwise collapse.

But the phosphodiesterase inhibition of butea superba also articulates itself as a rather specific orgasmic sensation during ejaculation.

Normally, the relaxation of cavernosal tissue sets in on the preorgasmic plateau phase, and it effects the wallings of penile blood vessels. This is delayed by butea superba, which prolongs urethral constriction.

As an effect of butea superba-prolonged urethral construction, there is a stronger sensation during ejaculation, when semen is expelled. The butea superba-aided sensation of the semen load passing through the urethra is highly pleasurable indeed, and expands the area of immediate orgasmic sensation from the perineum right to the glans.

Actually, many men have never experienced this sensation before going on a butea superba regimen.


Butea superba, tongkat ali and testosterone

Unlike other authors who write patchwork articles (sewn together from the work of others) solely for the purpose of promoting their brand, I know exactly how butea superba, tongkat ali, and testosterone feel (or don’t feel), and what they do for me, and what they don’t.

I do, provided I have proper extracts of butea superba and tongkat ali, and not just some root powders, and not the shit that has been put on the market solely for the purpose of marketing, by people who know nothing about medicinal herbs, but a lot about spamming the Internet. If you buy butea superba and tongkat ali root powders from websites run by people who don’t allow to trace exactly where their merchandize originated, you have reason to feel cheated.

In the case of tongkat ali extract, I need about 3 grams per day if I want to achieve an effect, and after using it straight for about 2 weeks, I need about double.

But alternating butea superba and tongkat ali extracts is much better than increasing the dosage of tongkat ali.

As both butea superba and tongkat ali are testosterone enhancers, their effect on libido is similar.

If I were to point out a difference then it’s probably that tongkat ali extract makes more aggressive. Butea superba extract seems to be slightly better on erection quality. High dosages are supposed to act similar to Pfizer’s Blue, sans the annoying Pfizer’s Blue headache.

I know exactly what the butea superba and tongkat ali extracts do for me, and what they don’t, because, over the span of several years, I have done multiple challenges.

A “challenge” means: I judge the effect of butea superba and tongkat ali extracts not only (and not even principally) during periods during which I consume my daily dosages, but also, more importantly, during periods when I am butea superba and tongkat ali sober.

These periods turn out sober indeed.

Butea superba and tongkat ali are hormonal modulators; as a rule of thumb, unless one ingests huge overdosages of hormonal products, one doesn’t feel hormones (except thyroid). I have used growth hormone over months, and I did get the edema that is a typical side effect, but I never felt anything from growth hormone. I also didn’t feel anything different during growth hormone off cycles. Growth hormone has likely been the most expensive placebo I ever tried.

I also tried the full range of testosterone products: oral testosterone, Andriol and Proviron, testosterone patches and cream, aromatase inhibitors like anastrozole, and hypothalamic stimulators like clomiphene.

Proviron feels like speed, and Andriol and testosterone patches and cream feel like nothing. Anastrozole, in combination with clomiphene or alone, may make me more aggressive (but I’m not 100 percent sure about this either), and provide no benefit sexually.

I stop taking certain products when I have a sexual failure in spite of using them.

And I initially became increasingly interested in butea superba and tongkat ali because during periods during which I took my daily dosages, I never had a failure. And when I stopped using them, the failures were back.

I know for sure that genetically (and when I am sober) I do not have aggressive testosterone levels. I just have to take a look into the mirror to be sure of that. My hairline now (age 50 plus) is exactly where it was 25 years ago. No pattern baldness.

I also know it from my mother who told me that my father stopped having sex in his early 40s. And I remember when I was in my early teens, I once stumbled across a package of a testosterone capsules, which were the medication of my father.

I am an apostle of sex, or even a sex maniac, not because I would be blessed with unlimited sexual desires, but for philosophical reasons. I find no solace whatsoever in religion, and I can’t be mislead by Kantian stupidity, but I know how extremely good it feels to be engulfed by libido, and to have an explosive orgasm.

I can’t see any other purpose in life.

I have become an expert on sexual enhancement, because I need it.

I can engineer erections with yohimbe or Pfizer’s Blue.

Yohimbe will even give me some libido; but yohimbe is a heavy-caliber drug. It makes me totally agitated, gives me tachycardia and palpitations, robs my sleep for at least 20 hours after ingesting it (which can easily add up to 30 hours without sleep if I take my dosage on the tenth hour of being awake).

Yohimbe, for me, is an experience like an LSD trip. And I am totally worthless on the following day.

Yohimbe is a prohibited drug in Australia, and I am surprised that it isn’t (yet) in the US.

But it weren’t really the dreadful side effects that got me entirely off yohimbe. It was the fact that after many usages, my orgasmic pleasure vanished. I could have rock-hard erections (and I do mean: a tissue consistency of a stone), and be very focused mentally on what I was doing when I was doing it, and then I would have an orgasm which I hardly felt.

My next phase were dopaminergics, and I did have great sex, and specifically great orgasms, with several of them. But dopaminergics work only a few times, unless one takes dosages appropriate for Parkinson’s patients.

Take bromocriptine: initially, one fourth of a 2.5 milligram tablet would allow me to totally forget myself during intercourse, and to enjoy pre-orgasmic plateaus that would last for minutes. Now I can take 2 tablets of 2.5 milligram and just feel no enhancement at all. I just get nauseated.

I started taking proper butea superba and tongkat ali extracts several years ago, and the two have been my mainstay since.

So, what do I feel after ingesting about 1 gram of a 1:50 tongkat ali extract?

Initially, I felt a slight hot-headedness, but this side effect has since subsided.

Now, when I ingest 1 to 2 grams of tongkat ali extract, I feel … nothing.

Please note: tongkat ali alone doesn’t even give me erections. I still need the Pfizer’s Blue. When I switch to butea superba extract, I tend to need a smaller dosage of Pfizer’s Blue than I do with tongkat ali extract.

So, why bother with the tongkat ali?

Yes, I have asked myself exactly this question quite a number of times.

When I first took the tongkat ali extract, and combined it with the Pfizer’s Blue, I did have good, proper sex every day. But I really didn’t feel anything from the tongkat ali extract.

At that time, I thought of myself that, man, you are in proper shape, and all you need is the Pfizer’s Blue.

So I stopped taking the tongkat ali extract.

For two or three days after stopping the tongkat ali extract, things were still just fine. And then I started failures in spite of having ingested Pfizer’s Blue.

The failure was not that I wouldn’t have had an erection. Provided I had taken the Pfizer’s Blue, I did get sufficient erections. But I lacked libido. I could stop intercourse in the midst of it, and not even become frustrated or disappointed. I just wasn’t sufficiently interested, even not with a new conquest.

This happened two or three times, and then I did know that “no, things are not in order”.

Back on my daily dosage of about 3 gram of tongkat ali extract, such libido failures no longer occurred.

This is a reliable test result. I can repeat it any time. I get off my daily tongkat ali dosage, and some two to 4 days later, I will have my first clear libido failure.

I go back on the tongkat ali, and I seem to reach a peak after four to eight days: teeth-clinching sex; during these peak days, I know how a violent rapist must feel: “This bone must penetrate this hole. No matter what comes after. No, I cannot stop. I will not stop. No unfinished business. They can lock me up for 30 years, or hang me at the next tree, but here and now, this will go on until I have unloaded.”

If this is what goes on in the minds of rapists, then I envy them. Not for the 30 years or the next tree. But for their powerful libido, which really is the essence of life.