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Underestimated marijuana

The trend in the Americas and Europe is to legalize marijuana. The consensus is that the war on drugs was a failure, not interrupting the use of the drug, and only enriching criminals.

Legalizing and taxing marijuana, so the sounded (and sound) idea, would earn governments much-needed cash, save enormously on enforcement cost, and reduce organized crime.

Furthermore, marijuana has many medical uses.

It can save epileptic children from certain death, but that is a minor issue. Marijuana stops the progression of Alzheimer’s, but that is also not relevant. Marijuana also interfered with HIV replication, but who cares.

All of the above are minority issues. Legal marijuana will change the world. It will have an impact on humanity that is greater than any other of the big changes since World War II: the Internet, the advent of Aids, the demise of the Soviet Union, or Al Qaida.

Legal marijuana will be a whole new world. Because it won’t be used just for epileptic children or by aids sufferers.

Everybody will use it because marijuana is a sex drug much more powerful than Pfizer blue. This is what really makes marijuana a game changer.

Everybody wants better sex. The effect of marijuana on sex is profound that I consider marijuana a waste if not used for sex. Because the drug is way below its potential if used just for its own sake.

So, once marijuana is legal, the majority of users will be mainstreamers who have never used it, or not since their youth when they were not capable to appreciate the drugs effect on sex. The majority of users will be those who have not used it in recent years because it was illegal: those not inclined to risk years in jail for a few hours of extra pleasure.

Watch out for the transitory dynamics when marijuana will be legal in some places but not all. People go anywhere for better sex, and this means, they will go where marijuana is legal.

And once mainstreamers use marijuana for better sex, watch out what will happen in society. Because marijuana also enhances intelligence, and will put an end to much of the idiotism prevailing now in human societies.

Just wait and see.


Marijuana and intelligence

I have high hopes as to what legal marijuana will do to common intelligence.

Marijuana, of cause, raises intelligence in users.

This is well established, both anecdotically and through scientific studies (and I am not talking of marijuana’s power to arrest the progression of Alzheimer’s, which it does, thereby prolonging the intelligence of the elderly).

Maybe the great positive effect of marijuana on intelligence is more obvious if we substitute “intelligence” with another word more commonly used in the marijuana context: “creativity”

Marijuana boosts creativity. This is very well documented scientifically, and musicians, especially, can attest to this.

There is a simple explanation for the creativity surge. Marijuana, in a rather random manner, blocks conventional thinking on well-travelled neuronal routes. Therefore, the electricity running along brain axons is deviated through uncommon connections.

During the marijuana high, this is often a bit confusing. And the creativity bust caused by marijuana does not even necessarily have to occur during the high.

Fact is, however, that routine thought processes are represented in the brain by electricity flowing along well-travel channels.

By some of these channels blocked during the marijuana high, alternative pathways are pioneered. These alternative pathways remain as alternatives even when off marijuana.

Thus, marijuana causes creativity (the capacity to think of alternative solutions), or an increase of intelligence, even when off marijuana.

This, again, is in stark contrast to alcohol which blocks though channels without opening alternative ones. Alcohol clearly reduces intelligence, killing brain cells, causing Alzheimer’s-like symptoms, and channeling thought along the most routine, click routes.


Why women have all reason to support legalizing marijuana

Men are genetically inclined to be woman changers, and women don’t like this. The male inclination to have multiple sexual relationships is expressed as thrill-seeking.

Afflicted by this attitude are mostly healthy men with a good economic foundation, and no real problems.

Some women take preventive measures by offering their husbands or boyfriends sex on all occasions. “So he won’t have to go somewhere else.” This will not work as intended. If anything, it will accelerate boredom.

They should let men consume marijuana. If the adventure is in dreams, it doesn’t have to be sought in reality.

Furthermore, some strains of cannabis, especially cannabis sativa, have psychosis-inducing potential. Psychosis-inducing means: there is a potential, dose-dependent, for anxiety, especially in young users.

Now, if a man faces anxiety, or is on the brink of anxiety, he prefers the safe haven of a long-term love relationship.

This is in stark contrast to alcohol, which makes men (and women) sexually adventures, and destroys love relationships for the benefit of casual sex.

So, my advice to women is this: have your man smoke weed. He will be much less likely to search for other women. And apart from that, he will experience new sexual dimensions with you.


Marijuana and love

In the 1960s, when marijuana became popular among the youth of Western countries, it lead to movements and ideologies associated with terms such as flower power, hippie, make love not war, etc.

I would say that marijuana caused these movements, and they will resurrect once marijuana will be widely available on a legal basis.

Just wait and see.

The reason why marijuana makes consumers of it more love-concerned is the fact that cannabis, among other things, is an anxiogenic drug, especially when used several times daily.

Anxiogenic means, it can induce anxiety. This anxiety can be present even if there is no immediate reason for fear.

So, how will people react when feeling anxiety, full-blown or borderline?

They will seek emotional shelter. And they find it in love.

Anxiogenics make people anti-aggressive. They do not want trouble.

That is the biggest difference to alcohol, which makes people daring.

Stoners are observers, they do not mess. And because they can see a wonderful world in everything, they do not display many of the other shitty attitudes of drinkers.

Where drinkers are racists, stoners are in acceptance of different races and different cultures.

Where drinkers prefer swastikas, stoners have their Peace sign.

Drinkers are insensitive, stoners try to understand the other.

You could provoke similar human reactions with other anxiogenics.

But other, synthetic anxiogenics won’t give users the instant reward of an it’s-a-wonderful-world feeling.


Marijuana and old-age dignity

Come on. Here you have men and women at an age of above 70, or even above 80, many of them with just about a year or two to live, or even less, and the government and police don’t grant them the right to consume a bit of cannabis for some old-age excitement in life. What a miserable and disrespectful attitude of those youngsters in police precincts, and law and regulation makers in parliaments and on councils.

While you, or we, as people of age, are pretty much at the mercy of those police officers, we do have a certain leverage on those in elected office.

Make it a principle to take part in any election, and vote solely on the basis of issues with a very direct impact on your daily life: not the federal budget, not gay marriage or abortion, nor immigration or gun control. While you may have opinions on these second: grade issues, neither way they are decided will influence your quality of life.

But cannabis legalization will. Legal cannabis will be a fountain of youth for your mind. And as cannabis protects against Alzheimer’s, it’s a fountain of youth even for your brain.

Now, if you aren’t of old age yet, go and vote for recreational cannabis-endorsing candidates nevertheless. Because you will be of old age sooner or later, and then, you will be glad that you will be allowed meaningful experiences, all in your mind, nevertheless.


The older you are, the more you benefit from marijuana

Marijuana enhances perception to produce dream-like mental states. Not only just that. Overwhelmingly, it helps produce sweet dreams.

Dreams draw on memories. It is well known, not only by older people personally, but also from scientific research, that memories play an ever greater role in the emotional well-being of older people.

Actually, under the influence of marijuana, older people can relive the best episodes of their lives vividly, very vividly. Because marijuana alters time perception, relived memories are experienced like reality.

And not only this. Especially for older users, marijuana has an enormous potential as aphrodisiac. Erotic daydreaming, paired with enhanced experience of touch, brings back a degree of sexual excitement that was long considered lost, even with a partner of decades.

Stupid societies that do not allow their elderly citizens the joy of reliving their lives as vividly as only they can on cannabis. Stupid societies that curtail the sexual experience of an older generation. Stupid people that do not vote at elections for candidates that favor legalizing marijuana for recreational use for adult users, or medicinal use for anybody above 55.


The world’s number one marijuana song

That must be Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World.

Anyway, he was a life-long stoner.

And just look at those lyrics.

I see skies in blue, and clouds in white….

And I think by myself, What a wonderful world.

That is how marijuana feels (for those who have no experience yet).

You look at the sky, and it’s blue, and the whiteness of some clouds, and you think by yourself it’s a wonderful world.

No way that other than high or stoned, one could appreciate beauty in such everyday occurrences as blue skies and white clouds.

Even the I Think by Myself phrase is marijuana-typical, because for most, being stoned is of an introverted nature. Most people talk less, not more, and language capabilities are reduced. More thoughts are non-verbal. So, you think by yourself. And irrelevant events can just seem wonderful.


The Internet and Marijuana

We are all inundated in word junk
Avalanched by irrelevant sentences

Give me the brevity
Of poetry

Words and statements
Worthy to resound for hours
In a stoned mind